Suzanne Schettler, Principal
Suzanne Schettler founded Greening Associates in 1992.  She is a botanist specializing in native plants, revegetation, and problem-solving for clients.  She coordinates all of the company’s projects and assembles the project teams.   Ms. Schettler’s combined background as both a licensed landscape contractor and a consultant brings a uniquely practical approach to her work in developing restoration and management plans and implementing the stewardship of native biological resources.    
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Laurie Kiguchi, Botanist
Laurie Kiguchi is a biologist with a specialty in botany.  She designs and implements Greening Associates’ monitoring programs, analyzes and interprets the field data, writes the monitoring sections of reports, and edits most of our documents.  Her professional emphasis is on species assessments and habitat characterizations within the context of resource management.  Her strengths include performing field surveys and literature investigations as well as the development of mitigation and management plans. 
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Randall Morgan, Botanist
Randy’ Morgan’s knowledge of all aspects of natural history is legendary.  He started out in childhood as an ornithologist but later became an expert in botany and entomology as well.  He discovered and named a number of new plant and insect species.  He has authored many professional papers and is a world-ranking authority on Clovers (Trifolium) and Rein Orchids (Piperia).  In 2000 he was named a Fellow of the California Native Plant Society, its highest honor. 
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Bryan Mori, Wildlife Biologist
Bryan Mori has extensive consulting skills related to wildlife resources throughout central California.  His capabilities include baseline inventories; biological assessments, impact analysis and development of mitigation measures for environmental review documents; surveys for threatened and endangered species; preparation of wildlife management plans for parks and open space areas; and design and implementation of monitoring programs. 
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Don Alley, Aquatic Biologist
Don Alley has devoted 30+ years to monitoring fish populations and habitat conditions of steelhead and tidewater goby in Central California coastal watersheds and lagoons, participating in numerous watershed assessments, management and enhancement plans, water feasibility studies, water diversion studies and environmental impact reports.  He has worked on many Public Works projects affecting waterways, and thus has considerable experience working with construction contractors.
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We maintain appropriate permits, licenses, bonds and insurance for our work. 

We also team from time to time with other colleagues who bring additional expertise to our projects:

Kim Tschantz worked for many years in the Santa Cruz County Planning Department before opening Cypress Environmental and Land Use Planning.  He knows the permitting process inside and out. 

Steve Singer is a certified professional in the areas of erosion control and water quality protection, and he has considerable experience in the amelioration and management of problem soil conditions.