Biological Surveys

We conduct surveys for wildlife and plants that may be affected by a proposed project. We then make recommendations to avoid, minimize, or mitigate impact to the species.


  • Comprehensive floristic surveys of all plants present
  • Focused surveys for sensitive species or other species of interest
  • Impact assessments
  • Habitat restoration potential
  • Residential, commercial, industrial sites


  • Comprehensive wildlife surveys
  • Focused surveys for sensitive species or other species of interest, nest sites, etc.
  • Impact assessments
  • Wildlife habitat assessment

Representative Projects

Pre-development Surveys

Handley Topo

Handley Ranch




Greening Associates conducted a survey of a 1,000+ acre property outside Chualar as part of the planning process for a granite quarry. We identified rare plant species and mapped vegetation types and sensitive wildlife locations.

Rare Plane Survey Map

Rare Plant Survey Map


Former habitat for a rare plant was surveyed as part of the planning for a high-density residential redevelopment project. Past development and use had altered the site such that even the area outside the development envelope did not support the plant.

Carpet of Monterey Spineflower

Carpet of Monterey Spineflower





At this site, preservation of a rare Spineflower is compatible with rural residential development



Habitat assessments

Soquel Creek

Soquel Creek

Habitat assessments are sometimes performed for ongoing management purposes, as well as for a specific project application. In Soquel Creek in Santa Cruz County, for instance, coho salmon have disappeared and Threatened steelhead have seriously declined. We performed a thorough assessment of twelve miles of Soquel Creek and its tributaries, employing a combination of botanical, fisheries, and hydrological expertise. This was the first known survey of riparian vegetation to specifically correlate the condition of vegetation with the condition of the in-stream habitat for salmonid fish. We identified management measures that can be implemented to improve the habitat.

Parrys Larkspur

Parry's Larkspur



We surveyed and mapped the locations of clusters of 83 Sand Specialty plant species at a long-closed quarry that is now a wellfield for a public water agency.

We conduct biological surveys on smaller private properties as well.